Wednesday, June 6

Fishin' Momma, Fishin'

We didn't think DAP knew anything about fishing.....until he came down the hall, fishing pole in hand, headed for the back door. 

Somehow the fishing pole made it past 2 ceiling fans and through 4 doorways in one piece!

He kept saying, "Fishin' Momma, Fishin'.  Bye bye!".  I wish I could have gotten that with the camera!

Monday, June 4

Bimini Bread

I brought the recipe for Bimini Bread home from a trip to Bimini last summer....and I tried again, and again, and again, and agin to duplicate it at home. 

Soon conquering the Bimini Bread recipe became an obsession!  What was grandma's trick?!  What did I miss when she was teaching me?!

Perhaps this little Doodle Bug had me a little distracted from my Bimini Bread lesson....?

I was about to throw in the dishtowel and beg Grandma to show me again, but on my 30th birthday, it rose!  I finally got it right (8 months later)

Waking at 5 am is hard, especially on the weekend, but this Saturday I was able to get my sleepy head out of bed to make some bread!

And boy, was it yummy!

Tuesday, May 29


When I reflect on the women in my life, I am awestruck at all the beautiful, strong examples that I have been blessed to witness.  I recently posted about my mom and grandmother, and today I post about my Nanny.

My Nanny, Ruth Richardson, passed away last Tuesday, and her funeral was today.  Funerals are never easy, but it's refreshing to go to a funeral that celebrates a long, well lived life. 

I had a dream that a sweet little old lady was trying desperately to get my attention.  I sat down with her and she told me that my Nanny wanted me to remember to, "love yer babies". 

She was a very special lady, and her life was a message of love.

She loved all her "chickadees" with a sweet, un-failing, selfless, simple, and unconditional love.

Thank you, Nanny, for teaching me how to live and how to love.  I will call on your example of how to "love yer children", and I pray that your example will live on through me and that my little Dapper Doodle will feel as loved in my arms as I did in yours!

Thursday, March 29

*Milestone Alert*

Justin caught his first Tarpon!!!!

Wednesday, March 28

A Certain Little Someone

A certain little someone had a very important day, and very important days call for very special outfits!

This little jon jon is white dotted swiss fabric with 6 little mussel buttons (one on each shoulder and two on each side) which are a nod to his mommy's love for all things coastal.

Isn't the criss-cross back too cute for words?!

It took everything in me not to monogram it. The only thing that stopped me was the thought of his future siblings (and maybe their children) wearing the very same special outfit on their own very important day.

I am so honored that his mommy accpeted my offer to make this outfit for him! It was my pleasure to get lost in sewing and praying for this handsome young man!

We love you Jackson!

Monday, March 26

Congratulations are in order!!!!

My mom is the most kind, caring, and loving person you will ever meet. I promise you that God doesn't make them any sweeter than my mom.

She has been working at Indian River State College for as long as I remember. She does budget "stuff", and she has spent countless long hours pouring over spreadsheets. She pushes the buttons on her calculator so fast that you would think it would start smoking at any second.

She has been wrecking havoc on calculators and spreadsheets for over 35 years, and she was recognized for her hard work at a ceremony recently!

My dad and I were fortunate enough to attend the ceremony and support her as she received this very special recognition. And yes, we are the ones whispering in the top left side of the picture, lol.

My mom and dad have been at every dance competition, swim meet, sporting event, girl scout cookie sale, and youth group fundraiser that my sister and I attended. You name it; they were there. It made me so happy to have the opportunity to be the one sitting in the audience cheering her on and and welling up with pride as she accepted her award.

I love you, Mommy! Congrats on your 35 years at IRSC!!!!!

Monday, March 5

The White Sailfish

This picture was featured in a recent edition of Coastal Living magazine, and has been pinned and re-pinned like crazy on Pinterest:

I couldn't believe it when I saw it because we had one, just like it, custom made for our little Dapper Doodle's room! I don't know about you, but I get so tickled when my decorating taste is affirmed by anyone, much less Coastal Living!

Ken Laudadio from the Fish Mount Store graciously listened to my crazy request for an all white sailfish, and made the beautiful white sailfish we hung DAP's room. Thanks, Ken!

The white sailfish has been spotted on The Salty Mango before. Check it out here and here.

I can't help but think how GREAT a white sailfish would look above our fireplace, but I feel guilty taking it out of DAP's room....which begs the question: is there room for more than one white sailfish in a house?

Later gators! :)