Tuesday, July 30

She said, "YES"!

Actually my sister said, "OMG, YESSSSS!!!!!!!" when she revived this picture text...

And really, how could you say no to that sweet little darlin'?

Saturday, July 6

Sweet Summertime

We love summer, and we're taking full advantage of the sunshine...and the showers (because they leave behind super-fun puddles)!!!!!
Everyone we know that has a pool has had a visit from the little Prices this summer!
Boating, our favorite hobby, has taken a backseat to our newborn and our new home, but we've already been daydreaming of next summer when we can get the boys, and our sweet Mango, out on the water in the salt air and sunshine!

Friday, July 5

Are we crazy?

"Are we crazy?  Katie and I decided to jump into the deep end and embark on a total renovation of an old house!" was Justin's Facebook Album description....
HA!  With a just-turned-three year old and a 5 month old to entertain...I am tempted to say, "We have to be crazy!  What were we thinking?!
Visiting Grandma Price
Not to mention that our family business, Price Fire Protection, is just over a year old and growing beautifully, (congrats, Justin) and it's my "crazy busy" time at work...I am tempted to say, "We have to be crazy!  What were we thinking?!"
Every business has fire extinguishers!  Call Justin for a quote!
Oh, and there is the fact that we have already sold our house and are living here as squatters lessees until the end of July..."We have to be crazy!  What were we thinking?!"
Crazy or not, we have an awesome support system to help with paint choices, manual labor, and babysitting that make this crazy idea do-able.  We have a super-awesome cheering section!
Armed with YouTube tutorials, the DIY Network, friends and family, and a decent amount of common sense we are going to get this licked!
Front Exterior
Living Room
It's a house that was built in the 50's, and from what we've been told, it was built for an executive at a local concrete company.  It has a sample of all of their products from the time, and was used to wine and dine clients and out of town guests.

We are super-excited to wine and dine all of our family and friends that have helped us with the renovation with one helluva thank you party...lol, but we have to finish the reno first!

We're super-crazy-busy, so...

"If the phone doesn't ring...it's me!" ~Jimmy Buffett