Saturday, October 19

Supper with a Certain Superhero

It's not everyday that superheroes come to supper...

...but we've had one drop in a few times this week! :)


Thursday, October 10

Early Mornings with Mommy

I get up early, very early, like 4 a.m. early, just to guarantee that I get showered, blowdryed, curled, and made-up before everyone else wakes up for the day.  I also pack lunches, cook eggs, make coffee, and start tea during my morning alone time.

Lately, due to alarm clock snafus and a sweet little 3 year old, I haven't had my morning primping time, and I have been arriving to work late with wet hair, no make up, and wrinkled clothes or any combination of those 3!

Well before his wake time of 6:30, Daniel will start to quietly repeat, " Daddy, I need to go potty!" Until Justin takes him to the potty.  Daniel takes notice if there are lights on in the kitchen and will ask Justin, "Sit (is it) morning time? I want to be Mommy's helper!", and moments later I will hear him treading quietly down the stair to help me in the kitchen.

And although those little footsteps are pretty much a guarantee of me racing into the work parking lot with my tires squealing around each turn, I can't help but turn to mush as I see his darling little morning smile (yes, it's a distinct smile).  With a thankful heart I happily embrace my first born sweetheart as the rest of the family are tucked soundly in their beds, and go on to begin our morning spending time together.  I feel so special that he wakes up early just to spend time with me!


Sunday, October 6

Sunday Picnic!

Today we decided to take the boys on a picnic adventure!

We drove to our favorite little park on the beach and Justin and Daniel picked a perfect shady spot for our picnic.

Jack played with his toys the tupperware lid while the rest of us chatted, laughed, and enjoyed our lunch in the shade.

It was a perfect picnic and a beautiful day!

We had so much fun that we will surely go back again!  Maybe we'll even bring some friends!

Thursday, October 3

Jack-A-Roo's Baptism

Our sweet little Jack-A-Roo was baptized on Sunday, September 22nd!

"Adorable" doesn't even begin to describe how precious he was in this heirloom Baptism gown!

There have been SO MANY babies in my family that have worn this gown..Daniel, my mother, and my grandmother included!  WOW....just, WOW!!!

Father George, who married me and Justin and baptized Daniel, welcomed little Jack to the church with the holy sacrament....

...and Auntie Kelly made her second debut as godmother.

We headed to The Castle for a light lunch and cake (cousin Levi's favorite part of the day), and Jack enjoyed sitting on Grandma's lap while Nana fed him homemade mango purée!

Surrounded by family.....

.....which we gladly call friends....

....we can honestly and proudly say, "Life's good on our boat"!  ~Jimmy Buffett


Wednesday, October 2

Haircut Time!

A hair-cut has been long overdue for our Dapper Doodle...

...although I have to admit, it hasn't been at the top of our priority list because, even with long hair, he's so stinkin' cute!

Tuesday, October 1

The Park, Pirates, and Make-Believe

There's a little park on the island where, if your timing is just right, you can have the whole place to yourself to play all the make-believe you want!

We were lucky enough to squeeze in about 30 minutes of playtime during that magical time of day between the dew being just dry enough, and "The Others" that come to play.

It's funny how the boats and pirates of our make-believe morning disappeared as "The Others" descended upon our ship.  

I am treasuring these days and moments as I know that "The Others" in all aspects of our little boys' lives will become evermore present, and make-believe with Mommy will fall away just as quickly as it did that sweet summer morning.

Until then we will walk to the park, one sweet little boy strapped to my chest and the other holding my hand, and hope that we will be able to steal some special time together.....just us.