Tuesday, June 28

Kate Remake!!!!

Justin, DAP and I were shopping at Target the other day when we found this little beauty.

She was so cute, just hanging there on the rack amidst all the other cute-but-not-as-cute outfits. We couldn't pass it up...obviously we don't have a use for it, but little Jane Elizabeth, our cousin, does!

Isn't the back adorable with those criss-cross straps?!

We had to do away with the decorative flower that didn't match too well.

And then we took it to our friend at 60 Minute Cleaners to get it monogrammed in light blue. She used a super scrolly font that I just love!

And here it is, right before we shipped it to sweet Little Jane with a sweet note from her Dapper Doodle cuz!

Won't that be a fantastic trip to the mailbox for a mommy on maternity leave!

Thursday, June 2

Daniel's First Fishing Trip

Papa invited us to go out for a fishing trip on the Irish Jig a few weekends ago, and we were so happy to accept! We couldn't wait for a day on the water!

Daniel slept while we were running, but when the boat stopped, he woke up...and stayed up.

We had a double-header of dolphin as soon as our lines hit the water! I love seeing Dolphin in the water....their colors are striking!

At one point Daniel was so tired that he was incosolable. I had to sit down and convince him that it was time to sleep.

He finally gave in and I laid him on the bean bag and hung a towel over him for some shade.

He slept very, very sound for about 40 minutes....which wasn't quite long enough for his Mommy's liking.

It wasn't long after he awoke that we turned the boat around and headed home.

When we got home we feasted on fresh dolphin and daquiris that Papa made!!! Not a bad way to end the day!

Thanks for the trip Papa! It's not one that we will soon forget! ;)