Thursday, October 3

Jack-A-Roo's Baptism

Our sweet little Jack-A-Roo was baptized on Sunday, September 22nd!

"Adorable" doesn't even begin to describe how precious he was in this heirloom Baptism gown!

There have been SO MANY babies in my family that have worn this gown..Daniel, my mother, and my grandmother included!  WOW....just, WOW!!!

Father George, who married me and Justin and baptized Daniel, welcomed little Jack to the church with the holy sacrament....

...and Auntie Kelly made her second debut as godmother.

We headed to The Castle for a light lunch and cake (cousin Levi's favorite part of the day), and Jack enjoyed sitting on Grandma's lap while Nana fed him homemade mango purée!

Surrounded by family.....

.....which we gladly call friends....

....we can honestly and proudly say, "Life's good on our boat"!  ~Jimmy Buffett


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