Tuesday, October 1

The Park, Pirates, and Make-Believe

There's a little park on the island where, if your timing is just right, you can have the whole place to yourself to play all the make-believe you want!

We were lucky enough to squeeze in about 30 minutes of playtime during that magical time of day between the dew being just dry enough, and "The Others" that come to play.

It's funny how the boats and pirates of our make-believe morning disappeared as "The Others" descended upon our ship.  

I am treasuring these days and moments as I know that "The Others" in all aspects of our little boys' lives will become evermore present, and make-believe with Mommy will fall away just as quickly as it did that sweet summer morning.

Until then we will walk to the park, one sweet little boy strapped to my chest and the other holding my hand, and hope that we will be able to steal some special time together.....just us.

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