Thursday, November 25

Thanksgiving addendum...

{Me, Daniel, Nana, Grandpa Phil, Flat Auntie & Gaga}

This pic was meant to be part of the last post, but blogger and I are not seeing eye-to-eye tonight. We rarely do, but tonight my patience is wearing very thin, so I decided to add this new post instead of reformatting the rest of the last post again!

We love you, Lounibos family! Thank you so much for having us over for Thanksgiving! The food was delicious!

Daniel and Flat Auntie's Thanksgiving Day Adventures!

Thanksgiving is such a beautiful tradition! I am thankful for the pilgrims and indians and for our beautiful country, but to me Thanksgiving is an opportunity to reflect on blessings....and fortunately I have a lot to reflect upon!

Every year the Hogan side of the family looks forward to a non-slimy pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. Grandma had always made it, but the responsibility was passed to me a few years, we thought that it was about time to give our 92 year old matriarch break. She had always told me that she loved my pie and that I did a great job, but last year she said that she felt her mother in the room as she ate her pumpkin pie because I had gotten it perfect! It wasn't the slightest bit slimy! :) Let's hope that I did the same this year!

We were invited out to Joe & Jemette's hunting lease to celebrate Thanksgiving, and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to go out to the woods. However, I couldn't stand the thought of Grandma and Uncle Pat going without their non-slimy pumpkin pie, so I went ahead and made a pie for Uncle Pat & Aunt Roxanne's Thanksgiving celebration where my grandma would be attending.

I had a half day at work on Wednesday, so I came home and made pies while Daniel was napping and then we went on a ride to go deliver them!

{Uncle Pat & Aunt Roxanne}

Justin and I decided to get something for dinner and for whatever weird reason I was craving Chinese, so -God bless his heart- Justin took me to Peking.

{Daniel & Daddy at Peking}

We headed out to the hunting lease around 10 today. Below are some pics of our friends and the fun time:

{Grammy, Flat Auntie & Daniel hanging out by the fire}

{The fam}

{My favorite pic of the day! Papa, Daniel, Jemette, Flat Auntie & Grammy}

Did you notice the death grip that Daniel has on Jemett'e hair?!

{Papa, Daniel & Flat Auntie}
Daniel and Papa found some flowers on their walk, you can see them in Daniel's hat!

{Mrs. Babcock and Daniel}
Flat Auntie was missing because we were using her to get Daniel's attention, lol

{Daniel, Heidi & Flat Auntie}
Little Miles was sleeping, so we didn't get a pic with him :(

Thank you so much to everyone that made our day so special! We love you very much! :)

Sunday, November 21

The Great Adventures of Daniel and Flat Auntie Cont'd

Saturday afternoon we went out with the Simpsons and Nails to take some Christmas pictures around town! Both of these families are very special to us, so, naturally, we enjoyed spending time with them! Krista is a great photographer (you can see her in the right corner of the pic below), and we are anxious to see the pics, but we'll have to wait until later this week! :(

Here's Daniel, Mrs. Amanda, and Flat Auntie!

Amanda was really good at making sure that Daniel didn't try to eat Flat Auntie's head or rip off her arms and legs, lol

Sunday afternoon we went out to the Norvell Ranch to celebrate baby Eli! He is about a month old and he is the tiniest baby that we have ever seen in person or held! He is such a doll!'s proof:

That's Eli with his Mommy, Jenna and Flat Auntie.

We also ran into Ms. Lynne at Eli's party! Her second grandson, Jackson, is "on the way"! He will be arriving in April of next year! Lynne is such a special lady, and we just love running into her!

Daniel just got a "Happy First Thanksgiving" card from her. He loves chewing on it just like his "Happy First Halloween" card.

Dear Santa.....

.....just so you know:

Could you read my shirt? Here's a close up:

Sorry for asking before Thanksgiving, but I thought you may need some time to work this one out since she's in London. Thanks Big Guy!


Saturday, November 20

The Great Adventures of Daniel and Flat Auntie Cont'd

We started off at the downtown Farmer's Market today! We were attempting to find some organic veggies to make more baby food for Daniel, but the selection was very sparse.

{Daniel loves Flat Auntie}
Justin and I shared a fresh squeezed orange juice, a breakfast in a bowl and a ham and cheese croissant. Luckily we were ready to go home by the time the rain started. We found shelter under the porch of the library, and when the rain let up we hustled to the car.

DAP fell sound asleep on the way home, so we gently put him in his crib for his first morning nap!

I love Saturday mornings!!! :)

Friday, November 19

The Adventures of Daniel and Flat Auntie Cont'd

This past weekend we had the opportunity to take Mrs. Grace around to look at some rentals!

Mrs. Grace is one of Daniel's favorite teachers at school, and her husband, Kris, is the the youth group director at our church. They are such a sweet couple, and we love them so much!

Here's Flat Auntie with DAP and Mrs. Grace! Maggie is in the pic too, but she is hiding in Mrs. Grace's tummy! ;)

I couldn't help but add this pic too! I think it's so cute! Unfortunately we had forgotten Flat Auntie in this one...

You can see from these pics how perfectly sweet Mrs. Grace is! Daniel thinks she's the greatest, and so do the other babies at school!

Thursday, November 18

Flat Auntie

Hello Everyone!!! :)

I can't remember if I mentioned, but Auntie Kelly is in London for the month!!! We miss her so much, but fortunately her company is very generous with techy stuff, so we get to Skype with her and talk "on the phone" with her over her computer!

I couldn't stand the fact that she would be missing so many of the little things while she is away, so, with the help of my friend Michelle at work, the Flat Auntie idea was born! She wears a Lilly Pulitzer dress, pearls and very fashionable rain boots! She is stylin'!

She's kinda like Flat Stanley, but we take pictures of her doing stuff with us around town, at home, or anytime we miss Auntie Kelly. Of course this means that I have to be better about taking pics, lol

Here's Flat Auntie with Daniel and Papa! This was Papa's birthday lunch. Justin made a big pot of Chili, and the weather was was really nice! Daniel tried his first banana that day! I don't know if he really "liked" the flavor, but he has had some since and he will eat them without protest!

Here's Flat Auntie in the wagon! She bought a wagon as a birthday present for me and Justin.....WE LOVE IT, and so does Daniel, obviously!

Here's Flat Auntie, enjoying the wagon, right across from Daniel!

We are excited for you to come home, Kel!!!! :) Until then we will have to settle for our Flat Auntie!