Thursday, December 24


It's Christmas Eve, and....

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

We wish you a Merry Christmas,

We wish you a Merry Christmas,


This is our precious litle Daniel!!! You can see his little skeleton face, and the spiky thing behind his head (left side of the pic) is his little hand...he's waving at you! :)

Wednesday, December 16


IT'S A BOY!!!!
And his name is Daniel!
We don't have a middle name yet, but we know for sure that his first name will be Daniel.
Our friends have been so wonderful, and I can't believe how many gifts we have received. Thank you so much for your thoughfulness and generosity.
I hope Miranda doesn't shoot me for mentioning this again, but in the card she and her husband gave us, he wrote "Now you only have to worry about 1 weiner". I thought his comment was just so funny because he's have to worry about all the boys if you have a girl.
I think I am starting to get over the shock of having a boy instead of a girl. I didn't realize how convinced I had been that I was carrying a girl. I have always wanted little boys (no girls) so this is a huge answer to my prayers, but a huge shock as well.
Justin is PUMPED that our little blueberry is a boy, and he is super excited to have someone to help with yard work in a few years....hahaha!
Thank you for all of your love and support! :) We are so happy to share our news with you!

Turkey for the girls and turkey for the boys...

So, it's been about a month since Thanksgiving....and I'm still thinking about it! I love Thanksgiving and it's no secret that I am a huge fan of family dinners! :)

We stopped at my parent's house for lunch first.

There was plenty of hustle and bustle in the kitchen. The flowers were beautiful in their fall color glory...

The turducken was snuggled under its woven blanket of bacon (my dad's spin on the bird, and Justin's favorite part). It was quite a spectacular sight! A turducken is a chicken wrapped in duck that's wrapped in turkey....oh yeah, there is cajun pork stuffing in there too!

We had all the traditional sides, and then we had desserts! I love to bake, so it's really a pleasure to make the apple crumb pie and pumpkin pies each year. I put on Justin's ipod and listen to his "Katie's High Standards" mix (artists such as Rosemary Clooney, Bing Crosby, Perry Como, and Frank Sinatra) and think of what has made me thankful over the years and what I am most thankful for in my whole life. I treasure this time in the kitchen each year!

And don't forget....this is not a "slimy" pumpkin pie! Grandma, Daddy and Uncle Pat are very picky about their pumpkin pie and it can't be slimy! Grandma told me that this year I defeated the "slimy-ness" and when she ate my pie she could feel my great grandmother in the room!!!! Wow! Thanks grandma! :)

We stuffed ourselves at the Hogan's house and then we went to Uncle Herman's house to see grandma and grandpa Price. We saw Vanessa (she is due a few days before me) and Joy (she is due two weeks after me), so the pregnant ladies had a lot to talk about.
Julie and Phil had us over after we visited Uncle Herman's house. We had homemade salsa on the porch and then we moved inside to have supper. We at artichokes, bean casserole, shrimp stew and fancy bread from the new Fresh Market in Vero.
Unfortunately I didn't remember to bring my camera in to Julie and Phil's house :(
I hope y'all had a wonderful Thankgiving too!

Sunday, December 6


I am two classes away from getting my CFE (Certified Florida Evaluator) designation for work! One of the classes I need to take is being offered this week in Orlando, so I will be heading up there for a week with some ladies from work.

Unfortunately, I don't think I will be able to do my weekly update on Tuesday....but the next time I will be able to do the update will be the day after we know the gender!!!!

Keep your fingers crossed for December 14th so that we don't get rescheduled!

Have a good week! :)

Tuesday, December 1

16 Week Survey

Happy 17th week birthday little Blueberry!!!

How far along: 17 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: I haven't gained an ounce since I got rid of the morning sickness, so I am down about five pounds from the first time I was weighed at the doctor's office.

Maternity clothes: Not yet!

Sleep: I have way more energy now, but napping is still a favorite on the weekends!

Best moment of this week: Getting so many Christmas things done early!

Movement: Yes! I feel the Blueberry everyday, but not for long, and the movements aren't very big yet. I can't wait until Justin can feel the movements too! We were told that he should be able to feel them in about a month!

Food cravings: I have been quite obsessed with chicken parmesan subs from Votinos lately....they have been open since Friday and I have already had two!

Gender: Our ultrasound was scheduled yesterday!!!!! We will know the baby's sex on December 14th!!!!! We couldn't be more excited!

Labor signs: Nope

Belly button in or out: In

What I miss: Thanksgiving vacation days

What I am looking forward to: December 14th!

Weekly wisdom: Don't forget to be thankful for all of the blessings in your life! Even the very little ones!

Our 16 week doctor's appointment was scheduled for last Wednesday, but Tuesday they called to reschedule for Monday. We were so bummed because we get ourselves so excited for the appointments, but what can we do? When we have our baby in May I am sure that other couples will have to reschedule their appointments too, it's all part of the game!

Anyway, she rescheduled me for Monday (yesterday) at 2:30. That was the only time she had available so I had to take it...even though later appointments work better for Justin's schedule. He has promised to go to every appointment with me, but yesterday was very hard because he already had appointments scheduled for the afternoon.

I was getting nervous about going by myself, and I couldn't decide if I needed to ask someone else to go with me. (I'm not scared, but I tend to "space out" and not hear everything that the doctor says so it's better to have two sets of ears.) Thankfully Justin was able to go with me and all of my worrying was for nothing! I am so happy that he didn't have to miss hearing the heartbeat....I think that's one of his favorite parts!

I feel so bad for one lady that was waiting for her ultrasound while Justin and I were waiting to see our doctor. The lady looked as if she was suffering from a miserable case of morning sickness that would prompt her to run to the restroom at any second....poor thing! Her appointment was running at least 30 minutes behind, and she was so uncomfortable that she couldn't even sit up straight. I remember being there and I just wanted to cry for her. :(

Thank goodness I have "turned a corner" with my morning sickness. I have felt so much better lately! I still get sick on rare occasions, and I still don't feel perfect, but it is such a change from how I was feeling in my first trimester.