Tuesday, October 26

**Milestone Alert** Greenbeans!

Tonight was Daniel's first taste of "people food"! We decided to start him off with greenbeans that we made ourselves....

I wonder which was the worst part....the greenbeans or his Mommy's cooking?

As if his first reaction wasn't enough to show us how much he disliked the greenbeans, he started doing non-stop raspberries to make sure that none of those nasty 'ol greenbeans stayed in his mouth! He had us laughing so hard!

Sunday, October 17

Surprise Visit from Julie and Emma Grace!!!!!

We had a wonderful weekend, but the main highlight, by far, was our surprise visit from Julie and Emma Grace!

Julie, one of my beloved friends from FSU, called Sunday afternoon and said she was driving through and thought about stopping by! About 30 minutes later she and Emma Grace were on our doorstep!

Emma Grace is about a month and a half younger than Daniel....isn't she precious?!!!!
She looks just like her Daddy, and her smile can melt your heart! She was light as a feather compared to our little Daniel Doodle!

Thanks for stopping by, Julie! We loved the visit! :)

Thursday, October 14

Winter Park Weekend

Justin had an exam prep course for his Real Estate License over the weekend, so Daniel and I tagged along and played while Daddy studdied...not too shabby!

Winter Park was the perfect destination for our first trip as a family of three!

Recently I was got an offer I couldn't refuse...a free sling from Seven Slings. All I had to pay was the shipping charge!

This is a pic of me and little Daniel in the lobby of the hotel:

We used the sling while shopping in Winter Park, and it was just great! We both LOVE it, I can have DAP close to me for constant cuddling, and he gets way more attention in the sling than in the stroller...you know he loves that! He also seems to like seeing everything from a different perspective than he would get in the stroller.

Anyway, we had a great first weekend away from home, and Daniel was perfect! I don't know why I was ever worried that he would have a hard time out of his environment...he proves to us time and time again that he is such a trooper!

The best news of all.......JUSTIN PASSED HIS EXAM!!!! He is now a licensed Real Estate Agent!

Congratulations, Justin!!!!

We are so proud of you! :)

Monday, October 4

Hello Again!

Amanda and Jamie had us over for dinner a few weeks ago....

Her best friend, Ashlee, was in town and we were excited to see/meet her!

You see, Amanda and I have an unhealthy obsession with Pottery Barn, and she sent a link to Ashlee's blog so that I could see the nursery that she was designing for her daughter Lily that looked like it belonged in a Pottery Barn Kids catalog. I love Lily's nursery and had to be a stalker and read the rest of the blog because she had such great style.

Well, a few days later, Justin tells me that his childhood friend is pregnant. I asked who.....he said, "Ashlee Blum, but I think her new last name is something like, Register". The name rang a bell, but I didn't realize until a few days later that the Ashlee he was referring to was Amanda's friend Ashlee with Pottery Barn taste! I showed her blog to Justin and he verified that she was the same Ashlee!!!! Crazy, I know!

Anyway, I got to meet Ashlee and he got to see her again after many years. Lily is an absolute doll! Supper was awesome, the fellowship was second to none, and the brownies were to die for! (Amanda makes the best brownies!)

After supper Maddie and Owen sang some songs for us, and then we attempted to takes some pictures of the kids. LOL, it was hilarious! This was our first try at a multiple child picture....

This was our second try:

Third, and final, try.....

We had so much fun that night!

Thanks, again, for having us over for supper, Amanda and Jamie! We had a blast! :)