Tuesday, January 26

24 Week Update!!!

Happy 24th week birthday little Blueberry!!!

How far along: 24 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: I have gained 5 pounds total, but if you count how many pounds I have gained since I lost weight because of morning sickness....11 pounds.

Maternity clothes: They are becoming way more comfortable than my regular clothes! I wear more and more everyday!

Sleep: I have more energy now than in my first trimester, but I am starting to feel sluggish again. I better get my booty in gear and get the nursery done!

Best moment of this week: Listening to Daniel's heartbeat and movements for almost an hour yesterday....even though it was in a hospital bed.

Movement: Oh yes! :) His movements are very big and sometimes we can see my belly move!

Food cravings: Eggs and milk

Gender: Boy!

Labor signs: Nope

Belly button in or out: In

What I miss: Restful sleep...I still sleep well, but not like I did in the past. I start getting uncomfortable in the middle of the night.

What I am looking forward to: Tomorrow! We are going to tour "Sign With Me", the preschool where we plan to send Daniel, and then we have our monthly doctor's appointment!

Weekly wisdom: Don't be a pack rat! ;)

Friday, January 22

THE Crib! :)

We have a crib....and it's not just a crib, it's the perfect crib!

Here's the story: I had decided that there was no reason to spend $400 or more for a brand-new crib when we could get one at a consignment shop or off of Craig's list for around $100. Even though we were hoping to find a deal, you have to know that we were still VERY PICKY about how it looks....and we hadn't found "the one" yet, and Justin was starting to get antsy.

Well, last Saturday Grandma and Grandpa Price were searching the Vero garage sales and they happened across a sale that had 'lots of baby stuff for sale. They asked the owner of the house if he had a crib for sale...and it just so happened that he had a crib, for sale, that hadn't made its way to the garage AND he was only asking $40 for it!!!! SWEET!

So, Grandma called Justin and told him about this deal of the century and he had her ask the gentleman if the crib was white and if it had fixed sides....the answer was yes! Since we were ready to walk out the door, we hopped in the truck and went to Vero to check out this crib that was "on hold" until we got there to say yes or no.

Grandma and Grandpa had waited for us to get to Vero and they introduced us to the owner when we arrived. He brought us into his home to show us the crib that was neatly and very non-chalantly leaning, in pieces, against his dining room wall. As soon as I saw it, I knew it was Daniel's crib! (Side note - when we walked in the front door of the seller's house had a great feeling about the crib because their house was decorated so much like our house! I was hoping that they would throw in the tablecloth too....but I was so excited about the crib that I forgot to ask.)

I told Justin, "pay the man, this is our crib"! We were so excited! And then Grandma told Justin to put his money away because she wanted to buy the crib as our shower present! How wonderful is that?!

I knew deals like this were out there, but I couldn't believe that we, rather Grandma and Grandpa, had found one! I was truly expecting an old, rickety crib after our drive to Vero, but oh no, this one is a cadillac!

We packed up the crib and went back home to unload it. Then we hopped back in the car and went to Stuart to visit our friends Gaving and Angie at the hospital. They had just had their twins the day before!!!

Even though we had a full, fun day, I couldn't stop thinking about the crib that we sitting in Daniel's nursery. I wanted to see it put together SO BADLY! Justin, being sweet husband that he is, set up the crib in the guest bedroom for me! He knew the whole time that he would have to dis-assemble it to get it into the nursery, but he put it together just so I could see it....awwww!

I can't help but peek in on it at least three times a day. LOL, maybe the 3 peek estimate is a little conservative ;)

So, I just overheard Justin say, "She's getting big" to someone on the phone...HA! He told me the other day that he just can't wait until I get huge...not exactly what I wanted to hear, but it's just so cute how he is so excited about our pregnancy!

Monday, January 18

A Middle Name, Choosing a Blue and a HUGE Project

I'm baaaack!!!!!

Hello everyone! Happy New Year...a tad bit late! ;)
I have taken quite a break from blogging, but I am happy to be back! There is so much going on that I am very excited to blog about!

I am not going to tell you everything all in one post because the post would be never-ending! Instead, I am going to make every effort to post way more often so that you don't get too far behind with what's going on with the Prices....

So, we have chosen a middle name for Daniel...Austin!

Daniel Austin Price

We liked Daniel from the very beginning and then we found out that Justin's dad was supposed to be a Daniel, but his mother was convinced by her mother to name him Dennis instead....so Daniel is a nod to Justin's father. Austin is a way to use Justin with a small spin on the first letter. So that's it....our little Daniel Austin is named after his grandfather and his daddy!

Last week after church we decided, on a whim, to go to Home Depot to check out their selection of blue paint. Surprisingly we were able to narrow the endless choices down to three! We bought samples of all three and took them home and painted them on the wall to see which we like best.....

Ollie helping...he was able to help paint and not get any on himself!

Mango couldn't quite decide which was his favorite...

Amanda, Jamie, Madisyn and Owen came over after they were done with church to help us decide which color to choose. With their help, we chose to use the color on the far left...Maiden Voyage! We think the name is pretty fitting for our first baby's room.

So, now that the paint has been picked....the room has to be purged of all of our junk so that we can paint! And boy oh boy do we have some junk in there! I will share before pics in another post since they are still on my camera...

LOL, one more thing! Amanda and I are doing an intervention for our friend Krista. We are going to invade her house the weekend after next to help her clean out some of her stuff. To make it a little more fun, Amanda is going to speak with an English accent like the guy from Clean House and I am going to wear a big flower in my hair like Niecy! I am sure that we will make it more fun than work....that's what the show looks like anyway!

The real problem with this intervention is that I see one happening in my house soon after Krista's if I don't get my booty in gear and clean up that back room! Justin is very good at helping, but there is a lot of my stuff that I have to clean out. So I am going to try to have it all done before the day of the intervention....YIKES!

We started working on it yesterday and I wore the big pink flower in my hair to get motivated. It worked for about three or four hours... Keep your fingers crossed that I don't start the next sleepy pregnancy stage in middle of all this! HA!