Tuesday, May 29


When I reflect on the women in my life, I am awestruck at all the beautiful, strong examples that I have been blessed to witness.  I recently posted about my mom and grandmother, and today I post about my Nanny.

My Nanny, Ruth Richardson, passed away last Tuesday, and her funeral was today.  Funerals are never easy, but it's refreshing to go to a funeral that celebrates a long, well lived life. 

I had a dream that a sweet little old lady was trying desperately to get my attention.  I sat down with her and she told me that my Nanny wanted me to remember to, "love yer babies". 

She was a very special lady, and her life was a message of love.

She loved all her "chickadees" with a sweet, un-failing, selfless, simple, and unconditional love.

Thank you, Nanny, for teaching me how to live and how to love.  I will call on your example of how to "love yer children", and I pray that your example will live on through me and that my little Dapper Doodle will feel as loved in my arms as I did in yours!