Tuesday, August 23

First Day of School in the Toddler Room!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, after two great weeks of all the love and kisses that his Grammy and Nana could shower over him, last Monday was DAP's first day of school!

The preparation that went into making the day go smoothly was considerable, but the extra morning playtime it affords makes it well worth the late night effort.

Our camera is on the fritz, so I had to use my phone to document the day...please excuse the fuzzy pics.

His food for the day which was packed into his brand new lunchbox:

The happy baby boy with his Da-da. They are crazy about each other...as if you couldn't tell!

I forgot to bring my phone in to take pics when I dropped him off. :(

Mrs. Nancy and Miss Jessica are the teachers in the Toddler Room. DAP already knows and loves them, so his transition, if you could even call it that, was a breeze!

I sat him at the miniature table in a miniature chair and put his breakfast in front of him....and he stayed seated and ate....I couldn't believe it! I was so impressed! He even smiled and waved goodbye when I left!

DAP's supply list included a nap mat. I had quietly giggled to myself whenever I would think about Mrs. Nancy and Miss Jessica wrangling all the toddlers that have never napped on a map. Guess what?! There was no wrangling! They all napped on their mats, and they napped well (which is not usually D's style, especially at school)! I was speechless!

There was so much prep involved in getting the family out of the door that I totally forgot that I wanted to bring a first-day gift to the teachers. Thanks, in part to my friend Michelle and in part to Pinterest, I was able to throw these cute little gifts together.

They are glass mason jars, filled with gumballs, and tied with a ribbon. The note thanked his teachers and mentioned how the school year was going to be a "ball"! Not bad given my 45 minute timeline! :)

I remembered my phone when I picked D up, so I had him pose with Miss Jessica (left) and Mrs. Nancy (right). I had picked him up and given him 'lots of love, and then handed him back over, so he was not happy, lol.

The first day of school was a success! DAP handled the Toddler Room like a champ! His comfort level in his new environment is no doubt due to the interest that his teachers have taken in him in he past.

Thank you Mrs. Nancy and Miss Jessica! This school year is going to be a ball! ;)

Saturday, August 6

I think I blinked....


{He went from this}

{to this}

in less than 0.5 seconds!