Tuesday, September 7

Our Labor Day Weekend

My sister and her roommate have close birthdays, so to celebrate Auntie Kelly's 25th and Jen's 30th we planned a Bimini Birthday Bash! Unfortunately the seas were not calm enough for a crossing, so we had to call off the trip.

We still managed to eek out a wonderful weekend at home!

Friday night we met our friends downtown at Friday Fest. The ladies from school, the Nail family, and Jen all came out and we had a great time!

Saturday was the first Seminole game and the first Gator game!!! Both teams won, woohoo!!! :)

We watched the game from the Perch at the Pelican. We were able to watch the game and the inlet, and the nice breeze made it perfect!

Here's a pic of Daniel and his Daddy......that's pure joy on my little man's face!

Here I am with the little man:

Here we are again, lol, obviously we tired him out:

We attended church Saturday afternoon and brought Daniel home and put him to bed. Justin made some chicken wings that were delicious, but DAP must have heard that Mommy was eating chicken wings because as soon as I took a bite he started crying....he does it every time I eat chicken wings!
It's almost so bad that I would consider taking a date night just to get elbow deep in chicken wings?!

Auntie Kelly, Jen, Jenna, Dave, Justin, Daniel, Mango and I loaded up in the Miss Mary Anne and headed out to the Cove on Sunday. It was so beautiful out!

My mom, dad and Remi brought out the Jiglet and joined in the fun! They also brought more beer....thank you, Mommy and Daddy!

Monday we started our day at the hunting lease. Justin and my dad were moving treestands while Daniel and I supervised. DAP seemed to enjoy the ride on the Ranger, his nice long nap, and time out in the woods.

Here's the beautiful Labor Day sunrise at the camp:
Here's Daniel!

He wore pajama pants (with feet), a longsleeve onesie, a sweater and little mittens....it was warm out, but I wanted to protect him from the mosquitos.

Me, my dad and Daniel on the ranger:

I think that Daniel was probably the only little boy in the woods with a monogrammed sweater, lol

We went home and put Daniel down for a nap. After Daniel's nap we headed out again. This time we went to see Nana.

I think it's pretty obvious how she feels about our little man! He was very sweet until he got sleepy....

So we took him home for another nap and some really nice, relaxing family time!

We hope you had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend too!

Friday, September 3

*Milestone Alert* Daniel Trying Cereal for the First Time!

Yesterday, September 2nd, was Daniel's 4 month birthday! Dr. Ali told us last Friday that we could start introducing foods and that we should start with rice cereal.

Slowly but surely, Justin bought the cereal, I washed the special spoons and we prepared for our little baby to eat his first cereal and grow up a little more.

Cereal is definately fun, and we can start introducing vegetables once he gets good at swallowing!!!!