Friday, September 30


...I laughed out loud when I saw this! :)

Monday, September 26

As one of my favorites, Paula {Deen}, would say.....

Happy Fall, Y'all!!!!!
Fall is my favorite time of the year!

The change in the air is magical, and if you don't recognize it you might miss our subtle, fleeting south Florida "fall".

Then again, the pumpkin patches, pumpkin pies, and college football tailgates are good reminders too!

Friday, September 9

Grandparent's Day

Today was Grandparent's Day at school!

Mimi, Nana, and Grandpa Phil made the trek down to White City to have fun with Daniel at school!

They ate lunch.....

They played......

And after all those grandparents left....the kiddos took good, long naps!

Thank you, Grandpa Phil, for sending pics of the visit! I am so glad you enjoyed yourselves!

Wednesday, September 7

Olympics, Here We Come!!!

Thank you to Mrs. Kristen at Tiny Bubbles Aquatic Academy our little man has learned how to swim!!!!!

She taught him the "swim float swim" method of survival swimming.

The swimming lessons were not easy, for Daniel or his chauffers (thank you Papa, Mimi and Nana), but when he finally "got it" he had so much fun swimming and playing with Mrs. Kirsten.

Thank you, Mrs. Kirsten, for your incredible patience! You have been so kind, and we are so grateful!