Thursday, March 11

Weekly Survey!

Happy 31st Week Birthday Little/Big Blueberry!

How far along: 31 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 1 pound since last week

Maternity clothes: yes

Sleep: Yes, please!

Best moment of this week: Pulling up to our house and seeing the landscaping crew putting our plants in!

Food cravings: Chicken in any form gets my attention these days! Chicken sandwiches, chicken tenders, chicken nuggets, pan seared garlic chicken, chicken parmesan...I feel like I sound like Bubba Gump!

Gender: Boy!

Labor signs: Not yet!

Belly button in or out: Still in...

What I miss: Roast beef subs from Sharkeys and Domenicks

What I look forward to: Our yard sale on Saturday followed by the Sowinski family shower in Orlando....I have my wristbands in my purse already; I don't plan on getting carsick before the shower!!!!

Friday, March 5

Baby Classes!

Good morning, Everyone!

It's about 45 degrees right now....according to the weather man, 60's should be about the norm this time of year! Oh well! I have given up wishing the cold weather away because it seems that I am wasting my time and energy. The longer the cold sticks around, the less I want my mittens and scarf to brave the temps that earlier in the season would have been "unbearable".

Anyways, I have exciting news! Justin and I attended our first baby class last night! This is the first of three Caring Baby/Carseat Classes that we will be attending. Then we will go to one Breastfeeding Class, and then three Childbirth Classes....whew! Justin is taking one class at church and two school classes at the same time, but he is such a sport and keeps on trucking although his days start around 6 and it's well after 8 before he gets any down-time.

Last night we learned about all kinds of "stuff". Like how baby boys pee on you when you change their diapers, how to properly wipe a baby when you change his diaper, how to treat the belly button before it falls off, and how to interact with the baby.

Thankfully the baby interaction part seemed very natural and it felt good to know that even if we hadn't decided to get more prepared by taking these classes that Daniel Austin wouldn't have ended up with some disorder because his Mommy and Daddy didn't know how to be nurturing and caring.

The part that did not seem natural, and made me cringe, was the belly button. I can comfortably say that the whole belly button turning black and falling off grosses me out more than labor and delivery. There is good news though! Rubbing alcohol dries out the belly button, so applying it often (more than 3x per day) encourages the belly button to fall off faster! I already have a whole bottle of alcohol that I plan to use to get that belly button to fall off in record time!

Oh yeah, I forgot to ask, and they didn't mention in the video, does the rotting belly button get stinky?

Wednesday, March 3

Survey Says.....

Happy 30th week birthday, Little Blueberry!

How far along: 30 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: 12 pounds from the day we found out we were pregnant

Maternity clothes: Yes, and boy are they comfortable! :) I can still wear my old clothes, but I have to use a hair tie to hold the button closed on my pants, lol

Sleep: I am not as sleepy as the first trimester, but as the days go on I get tired more easily

Best moment of this week: Getting a restful night of sleep.....I had a rough patch of nights where I didn't sleep very well, and I thought that the rest of my pregnancy may follow the same pattern, but thankfully I have been able to sleep well for about a week!!!!

Food cravings: I haven't had any of those crazy cravings where I make Justin get up in the middle of the night to get me anything, but if I eat something that I really like I get totally obsessed with it.

Gender: Bouncing baby, and trust me, he is bouncing!

Labor signs: Thankfully, no

Belly button in or out: Funny you should's in for now, but I think it may be dangerously close to poking out.

What I miss: Summer! I know this has nothing to do with the pregnancy, but I can't wait for summer to get here!

What I am looking forward to: I am certainly not rushing our darling little Daniel and I am enjoying our time together, but I am looking forward to some relief from the darn pregnancy side effects....sciatica, heartburn, constant sleepiness (although I hear this one doesn't get any